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Washpapa [washable kraft paper] is a paper that can be washed and sewn.

It does not deform in water, it does not discolour or dissolve. Thanks to these properties, this paper is used, in the production of clothing labels.

Washpapa has found application in fashion and decorating. It is an excellent material for the production of packaging, boxes, bags and decorations as well as book covers, notebooks and calendars. Bags, backpacks, sacks, laptop and phone cases, and vanity cases are made of it.

Washpapa Aged (aged paper) looks like leather. It works perfectly in combination with other materials - linen, felt and leather. Washpapa standard is a smooth paper, and Washpapa lamina is covered with foil, thanks to which it shines.

Washpapa can be printed, laminated, covered with foil and engraved, burned with a burner and stamped.

Washpapa paper is flexible, and thanks to a bit of latex contained in it, very durable.

Washpapa is certified by OekoTex and Forest Stewardship Council (SCS) awarded to wood products.
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