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If you want to have WASHPAPA printed with your own pattern, please contact us by email.

We print sheets 100/150 cm standard in UV technology.

The realization time for a single sheet order is approximately one month. During this time, we collect more orders and send them to the printing house.

If you order more than 10 printed sheets, the realization time will shorten to 2 weeks.

Note that the price of printing a sheet without APLA (without background under a pattern) on the selected color of the paper is lower than that of the pattern with the background. Printing without APLA, the color of your design will vary according to the color of washpapa choice. When printing with APLA, you will get accurate reproduction and coloring of the selected pattern.

To complete a single order, go to the store and purchase a printed sheet. In more information section, please specify which sheet color you are ordering. Send us the file with a print that we are to realize for you by e-mail at providing your order number.

Orders of more than 10 sheets are realized in full via e-mail.


Information needed to prepare a file for printing:

File type: pdf, tiff, jpeg (vector and raster graphics)

Resolution for raster graphics: 200 - 300 dpi

File size: 1: 1

Colors: CMYK



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